Hill Country Deer

Processing & Taxidermy

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Hide Tanning

We charge $150 to tan your white tail or Axis hide to chamois quality (hair on). We have numerous hides that we have tanned over the years when we see a good one that the customer doesn’t want. We can send you some photos of what you are looking for and sell you the hides for about the same price plus shipping.

Elk and larger animals cost $15/S.F yet we don’t have any to sell at the present time.

We can make pillows or barstools upon request.

The hide must first be tanned, then we have the pillows made at an additional cost of $200 each. One can usually get two pillows out of each hide. The back is a top quality black or brown suede and the inner fibrous pillow stuffing is second only to down in quality.

The fee includes shipping to their door and capping the hide when it arrives.