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Wildlife (Ag.) Exemption

In recent years, the lure of farming or raising cattle or sheep has waned in light of recreational uses for agricultural or ranch land. Because birding and hunting have become so popular in the Texas Hill Country, many landowners have opted to change the use of the property from strictly agricultural in nature to something of a recreational nature or shall we say “getting back to nature”. Rather than loose the agricultural exemptions that keep most farm and ranches from paying exhorbitant property taxes; landowners are opting for a change in land use that adheres to the Tax Code of the State of Texas and still allows the exemption with the use of three of seven management activities.

With a combined total of over one hundred years experience in real estate appraisal, and our expertise in the Wildlife Habitat realm, we are uniquely qualified to assist you in taking your land from Agricultural Exemption Status to meeting the Guidelines for Qualification of Agricultral Land in Wildife Management Use.
In order to qualify or meet these guidelines, one must refer to The Tax Code, Chapter 23, Subchapter D or Section 23.51; which states that the land must have been qualified for agricultural appraisal (also called 1-d-1 or open space agricultural appraisal), at the time the owner changes use to wildlife management use.
Section 23.51 of The Tax Code defines seven forms of Wildlife Management activities asActively using land that at the time the wildlife management began was appraised as qualified open-space land under this subchapter (d) in at least three of the following ways to propagate a sustainng breeding, migrating, or wintering population of indigenous wild animals for human use, indluding food, medicine or recreation:
A) Habitat Control;
B) Erosion Control;
C) Predator Control;
D) Providing supplemental supplies of water;
E) Providing supplemental supplies of food;
F) Providing Shelters; and
G) Making census Counts to determine population.
From raising a healthier deer, creating quail habitat to harvesting and erosion control, we can help you formulate a meaningful Management Plan that is much more that just required document for the purposes of saving tax dollars.
Call or email us today to discuss options about making your land a better place to live.