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Wildlife Management

Wildlife Management Planning & Implementation

Let Hill Country Deer help in formulating a Wildlife Management Plan (WMP) for the purposes of creating a habitat for chosen species of deer, birds and other animals. We can also provide assistance in obtaining a Managed Land Deer Permit (MLDP).

If you have need for a Deer Population or Census Study, we recommend this as a good starting point in conjunction with the overall Plan. We work with TPW Wildlife Biologists in order to assist you developing whatever type of habitat your ranch is best suited for.

Creating Habitat could mean anything from harvesting, predator control, erosion control, creating food plots, water management, developing shelter for target species, tree timming and removal, prescribed burns or any combination of the above.

Wether you want to develop a habitat for birding, hunting or both, we will make sure that your program is successful. In certain instances, we can show you how to even get rebates from the government for providing a better habitat or “flora” for your chosen “fawna”.Call or email us today to see if your property could benefit from what we do.

Hill Country Tree Services provides Tree trimming and removal, fence construction and repair, landscaping and rockwork for all your ranching or residential needs. This company was delveloped in an effort to compliment the cyclical nature of Hill Country Deer Processing and provides the landowner with a “one-stop-shop” for just about anything concerning ranch management and the creation of wildlife habitat or just aesthetics.

Please refer to www.tpwd.state.tx.us for more information.